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Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Evening. 

I hope each & every one of you have stayed safe & well. 

I am Writing all announcements on our web page for you to all browse & read through as many times as you wish so its clearer for when you return. 

So as said, our current return date (if all goes to plan) is Monday 17th May, Tuesday 18th May. (Other classes still being decided)

As you can all imagine, Unfortunately we cant just open our doors & all return as normal... (its illegal) 
To be able to open our classes, we must follow the guidelines & instructions at all times. I have tried to make these arrangements as best as i can to not confuse you all, so i will try & break it all down for you here.....


Firstly, Our Classes will be limited numbers to start with. This means i will set groups as previously sent to you all in text messages. 

Please Note: I can ONLY let people in if you HAVE booked a place to one of the classes. I would hate to turn anyone away on the door but unfortunately i would have to at the moment... All you need to do is contact me & tell me which class you would like. 

Class 1 is Monday 2-4 pm. This is a brand new class i am adding to the list. This class will be of an Improver to Intermediate level who wish to recap more dances & have extra practice & just have fun...

Class 2 is Tuesday 10.30-11.30am. This is beginner only. This was one of our original classes we have had a while now & is currently 3/4 FULL

Class 3 is Tuesday 12-1.30pm. This class will be mainly improver level & a few intermediates (depending on who attends) 


Class 4 is Tuesday 2-4pm. This mainly Intermediate level with a few improver dances thrown in. 

3/4 FULL 

Please contact Laura via Email, Texts, Whatsapp or through the website by clicking on the "Contact us" page. 


When arriving in Bexley for your classes, you may notice the doors & windows will be open. Please refrain from using the fire exit doors as an entrance & continue to use the main entrance door (near Disabled toilet). PLease make sure when entering the building you are wearing you FACE MASK please.

The disabled toilet door will be pinned open & now used as our hand wash station. So before you enter the hall please wash your hands & use the sanitizer provided. 

The chairs will already be spread out around the room. Another instructor suggested (which is a good idea) to maybe bring a towel to sit on so your not touching each others chairs. Just to let you all know i will be cleaning chairs anyway so dont worry but if it makes you feel better to bring a towel then please bring one. 

The kitchen facilities will be closed at the moment, so please bring your own drinks with you & any rubbish please take home with you. 

I have planned the classes with a 30 minute break in between each session. At the end of each session, I will sanitize all surfaces, door handles, toilets, flushes, taps, chairs etc... before the next class come in. So please bare that in mind. 
At the end of your class, you will be asked to leave via the fire exit doors to the car park... (where i stand). Unfortunately we now have to leave pretty quick after our classes, so i can sanitize the hall before the next group. I also would ask that the car park is emptied quick too, so we dont have groups arriving at the same time. 
This is in case the next class come early & are already coming in via the normal entrance

If you arrive early for your class please wait out side until i call you in, as remember ill be cleaning first before your session. 


Many of you are asking about payments for your classes. 
My preferred payment methods are Paypal, Bank Transfer, cheques. I am now asking for bulk upfront payments due to many reasons such as pre-payment hall hire, Less cash handling & Less traveling to the bank. 

So here is my plans for class payments. 

Classes are

£6 beginners 1 hour 

£6.50 Improver Intermediates 1&1/2 

I would like to now explain that pre payment plans are the best option for

me & would really appreciate if you could all pay this way from now on.

This is purely because i have to commit to paying the hall hires upfront,

and i would really like to restrict the amount of times i am going

queuing in the banks. So going with the prices above... 

Payments are:

£24 upfront for beginners, (x4 weeks of £6)

£26 For 4 weeks, for the improve & Intermediate classes. (x4 weeks £6.50)

that then means you do not need to bring any money with you to classes for 4 weeks, which means neither of us needs to handle any money. THE PRICE HAS NOT INCREASED. Its exactly the same as before, the only difference id paying the 4 weeks together. 

Please Note: if you cant make the class, & you contact me to let me know, i can roll your payment over to the next week. I must stress if you don't let me know you are not coming, i cant refund money as i could have got another dancer in that place. 

So payments can be made to 

Paypal -

Bank Transfer - Account; 90752031 Sort code: 600633 Name: Laura Hilbert Bank: Natwest 

Card machine- Payments can be made with your card straight to your phone, very quick very easy ... contact me for details

I have been asked what i plan for cash payments.... As stated above, I am trying to limit as much contact with cash as possible. I know we had amazing helpers on the door before, and they did an amazing job always, but i want to protect them now, & want to refrain from them having to touch cash. 
If you really have no other way to pay but cash, please let me and and talk to me.. i will have a pot at the hall with a money slot in, So please if you need to... BRING THE RIGHT MONEY. i can NOT give any change. 
This will also mean a bulk payment of 4 weeks ahead, to again restrict the amount of times im visiting the bank. 

If you have any problems at all in regards tp payments then please message me and let me know. 

my email is-

number - 07958399290

The rest of the rules are pretty common sense, Social distance please at all times, No hugging (although i would love to hug you all!!) 

Remember these tougher restrictions are only temporary and hope that later in the year things can start to just relax & we can just come to dancing and be normal again. 

I know these rules sound daunting, but please remember i am doing it all, one because i have to by law, two to protect my parents & loved ones and three to protect all of you which is my ultimate priority! 

I have missed you all so much, and am honestly so excited to see all your wonderful faces walking back through the doors of our dance home once again. 

Remember we have an outdoor class on May 11th.... I will celebrate my birthday too with who is coming rather than alone again like last year! ... This would be a perfect place for you all to come along and catch up with each other again before its time to come in the hall. Due to the cleaning, after classes i have to ask dancers to leave the hall asap, and the car park so i have time to clean everything before the next class..... So if you know you would like to chat to all your friends you haven't see, come & dance with us at the tennis courts, in an outdoor environment, bring a picnic, and ill bring us some cakes.... 

Its only £6 for 2&1/2 hours.... If you want to come & do a couple of dances, chat & relax that is perfectly fine with me too. 

Bring a drink, A jumper, Coat, Sun Glasses, Sun Cream, Umbrella you never know!!


You Have read the rules * requirements for classes & agree to the plan set out.
If you attend a sway in line class & feel poorly you MUST contact Laura asap.

Thanks for submitting!

To Pay via Website

To Pay via Card on

your phone

Here is the map of our one way system plus a few signs you may see before entering the hall.

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