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Sway In Line 

So this competition i am doing is for all my wonderful dancers that have signed up and joined as a member on my new Sway In Line page. 

All member names will be put into a hat and will be picked out at midday on April 30th on video with moi!! 
Winner will receive a prize but will be ann
ounced in the video on the day. 

I have now added a quiz page to the members group. This is purely for fun and to keep our brains active. I will be posting all answers on there on the 30th April too so you can check how you got on. 
New dances have been added today for you to learn or recap for each level so get on there and check that too. 

if you haven't joined yet... the price is the cost on one Sway In Line class which is £6.50 (one off) then add your email and password and all good to go ... I am updating it most days so keep coming back to check. Payments is set up for Paypal but if you would like to pay me in a different way please email me to discuss or Facebook message me .





WELCOME...By clicking above, you will be able to sign up to my new member page.

Here you will get daily updates from me, videos of all latest dances we have been working on during our classes, new teaches, recaps and FUN!! I'll also be setting you tasks (Homework)

There will be a chat room where we can all talk together .. so lets isolate together, give each other company, help stay active and have some fun.. click the button above that says



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