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If you would like to pay for classes using your debit card.... Then follow these instructions on how to do it.

Firstly I have a brand new card machine that some of you used at the tennis courts last year. Well its a clever little machine as you can pay just by your phone. No phone calls, no bank transfers.....

Its so simple, Here is how. 
The form below will simply ask you for your name email address and phone number. 

The form will ask you to pick how you would prefer your link to pay to be sent to you. Once you have selected that read carefully at the plans that are available and tick the plan you wish to pay for. Once you have finished and clicked on Submit, Your message will then come through . Once you have clicked the link it will tell you Sway In Line has asked you to pay. You enter card details .... press pay. All done. Its actually very easy!

Please note: Sumup is the card reader i use and your details are secure. Your message you receive will appear as Sumup. 

  1. Beginners Only plan - x4 classes £23

  2. Beginners Only Discount - x8 classes £43

  3. Improvers/inters Plan- x4 classes £26

  4. Improvers/Inters Discount - x8 classes £49


Which would you like to use to pay?
Which Plan Would You Like?

Thanks for submitting!

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