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Once payment has been made (Step 1) and you have signed up (Step 2) your sign up will then be approved by admin. 



The cost of your log in fee is the price of ONE sway in line lessons. 


This fee will help keep Sway In Line alive throughout this break.


Here is  a breakdown...

Step 1- Click on the"PAY NOW" button to pay via paypal. Alternatively please contact Laura for other ways to pay. 

Step 2- Now payment is made please click on the White button that says "JOIN HERE" 
The screen will now have a black box. Fill in your information in each box and click on the button that says

If you have signed up to be a member already then then either click on the YELLOW writing on the sign up page that says "LOG IN" or look at the main menu bar across the top of the page NOW and click on the page that says


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