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Beginner Teaches..

  • Electric Slide by Ric Silver

  • Go Cat Go by Gaye Teather

  • Mamma Maria by Frank Trace 

  • Nancy AB by Laura Sway 

  • Cowgirl Twist by Bill Badar

  • Cowboy Charleston by Unknown 

  • A Little Bit Lit by Rob Fowler 

  • Stroll Along Cha Cha by John & Jeanette Sandham

  • Katchi by Rob Fowler 

  • Melodia AB by Laura Sway 

  • Tequilla Boom Boom by Jamie Barnfield 

  • Despacito Baby by Britt Christoffersen 

  • My Blue Tree by Gary O'reily 

  • Down On Your Uppers by Gary O'Reily 

  • Rocket To The Sun by Maddison Glover

  • Twisting by Laura Sway & Julie Lockton

  • Peculiar by Laura Sway 

  • Wild Heart by Karen Hunn

  • Yesterdays Tomorrow by Karl Harry-Winson

  • Sh Boom by Laura Sway & Julie Lockton 

  • Hey Senorita by Suzi Beau 

  • Ah-Si by Rita Masur

  • Skinny Genes by Pat & Lizzie Stott

  • Ghost Train by Kathy Hunyadi 

  • Lipstick, Powder & Paint by Claire & Steve Rutter

  • Whiskey Bridges by Maddison Glover 

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